Because parenting is one of the most important jobs you will ever have and little ones don’t come with an instruction manual, the Milford Kids Thrive Parenting section includes timely and seasonal parenting blogs, tips and insights on effective ways to support your child’s healthy development, highlights of local parenting resources, classes, and more.

Teachable Moments in your everyday life

Teachable moments are moments during you and your child’s day that are unplanned but come to your attention as an opportunity to teach your child. This can be about something new or, to expand on their knowledge in certain areas as they get older Teachable moments for your children (even babies!) can and should be…

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Screen Time and your Preschooler

The following is an article by Ariel Gilreath shared from the bi-monthly newsletter titled ‘Early Childhood’ from The Hechinger Report dated 7/26/2023 Is screen time for preschoolers as bad as we think? A new study from researchers at Ohio State University suggests the answer is more nuanced than popularly believed.   Using data gathered in 2018-19, researchers…

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Family Resources

You are your child’s best teacher and we want to make it easier for you. The Family Resources section is a central source highlighting available early childhood and family support resources.

Thriving Home

Our Thriving Home section aims to provide updates and links to area farms, food and clothing resources, housing programs, and more.


Welcoming children into your family changes your life and your budget. Learn about the latest resources, tools and programs to help you and your family manage your finances and save money.

Welcome Baby

Milford Thrives is delighted to welcome newborns to our community with a complimentary Welcome Baby gift. When you pick up your baby’s birth certificates at Town Hall you’ll receive your gift. Didn’t receive yours for some reason? Reach out with this form.