Teachable moments are moments during you and your child’s day that are unplanned but come to your attention as an opportunity to teach your child. This can be about something new or, to expand on their knowledge in certain areas as they get older

Teachable moments for your children (even babies!) can and should be woven into the fabric of our daily lives and routines to make it enjoyable and meaningful.

These moments are hiding everywhere during everyday life…from your daily car ride and a stop at the store, to meal prep and household chores. The key is in slowing down and being aware of the opportunities as they arise!

Many small experiences and interactions will add up over time to create an environment where kids feel confident and relaxed in their learning. This in turn helps their budding independence and promotes self-confidence!

Looking for easy examples and suggestions? Take a look at these short videos from Scholastic Parents:

Teachable Moments: The Grocery Store

Teachable Moments: In Your Own Backyard

Teachable Moments: At a Restaurant

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