Welcome little one!

At Milford Thrives, we envision Milford to be a place where all young children grow up in a nurturing, supportive community.  It is our pleasure to welcome every newborn to our Milford community and to serve as a resource for parents and families.

Milford Thrives has arranged for you to receive your complimentary Welcome Baby gift when you pick up your baby’s birth certificate at Milford Town Hall.

If you haven’t received a Welcome Baby gift, no worries!  Maybe your baby’s birth certificate was mailed to you?  Maybe your baby was born before the program launched?  Or maybe you recently moved to Milford with your infant or toddler (up to 2 years)?

Simply fill out the request form below >> we’re happy to deliver your Welcome Baby gift to you!

Please deliver our free Welcome Baby gift:


Thank you Milford Rotary Club for your support!

Family Resources

You are your child’s best teacher! It is our goal to make it easy for families to connect with parenting and family resources that will make parenting easier.

Thriving Home

Our Thriving Home section aims to provide updates and links to area farms, food and clothing resources, housing programs, and more.


Welcoming children into your family changes your life and your budget. Learn about the latest resources, tools and programs to help you and your family manage your finances and save money.

Welcome Baby

Milford Thrives is delighted to welcome newborns to our community with a complimentary Welcome Baby gift. When you pick up your baby’s birth certificates at Town Hall you’ll receive your gift. Didn’t receive yours for some reason? Reach out with this form.