Reading aloud to your kids, even as they get older, has been proven to have many long term benefits; makes space for deep conversations, encourages emotional closeness, more exposure to language, expression, and information, will strengthen their own early literacy skills, and so much more! And all it takes is just 15 minutes a day!

Take a look at this short but informative article from KQED (a partner organization of NPR and PBS) How reading aloud can help you bond with your kids and make them better readers for more on the benefits of reading aloud with your family.

**Did you know the Wadleigh library has launched 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten initiative for Milford families. Participants register their kids, keep track of the number of books they read together and with each 100 books read can win cool prizes.

1,000 books seem like a daunting task?! Consider this…if you read just 2 books a day to your child you will reach the 1,000 book goal in only 18 months!

**Click HERE for more information and to get your kids registered!