Try this fun and super easy STEM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) activity with your kids with just a few simple supplies you probably already have at home!

You will need:

  • Water
  • 6 clear cups, mason jars, plastic cups etc. Helps the visual if they’re the same size
  • primary food coloring (yellow, red, blue)
  • paper towels (the pick-a-size work well, if you only have full sheets just cut them in half

Follow these simple directions for the Rainbow walking water science experiment from Fun Learning for Kids that includes a simple recording sheet.

**suggestion…put the jars in a circle while doing the experiment then straighten them out once the water has ‘walked’ to reveal the rainbow in a row.

Try talking through the experiment with your kids before doing the activity. What do they think will happen? What colors are missing from the rainbow?

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