Did you know we have a historical natural gem right here in our little town of Milford?!

Monson Center (also called Monson Village) was an early colonial settlement that existed from 1737-1770 and covered over 17,000 acres. It is considered by leading archaeologists to be one of the most significant archeological sites in New England. Many of the original foundations of the homes that were built are preserved here.

Today, in every season, it is a beautiful place to retreat from the business of life and lose yourself in the the miles of trails and old dirt roads, explore the old foundations, wildlife, stone walls, wildflowers, and bird houses. Be sure to check out the dirt path that goes off to the left that leads to the beaver pond where you’re sure to see lots of wildlife including blue herons.

Monson Center trails are good for all age levels and abilities.

Directions: at the light on Rt 13 south near Chappell Tractor turn left onto Emerson Rd. Go 0.4 miles and take a right onto Federal Hill Road. Continue 2.5 miles up Federal Hill Rd. There are parking areas on the left and right. Entrance trail runs from the parking area on the left. ** if you get to the Hollis town line you have gone too far!

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