⁠Protecting your energy and focusing on your own self care helps you have the energy to be the parent you want to be. The more mindful we are of what’s working against us, the more prepared we can be to make a positive shift. 

A recent survey by Self Magazine states that 66% of parents feel some level of burnout. Take a look at their article, A Majority of Parents Are Really, Really Burnt Out. What Can We Do About It?, for more on the signs of parental burnout, habits that steal your energy, and tips to help you recharge your own battery.

If you feel guilty when taking time to restore and recharge, think about what one of the pioneers in parental burnout research has to say: “Whatever allows parents to recharge their batteries, to avoid exhaustion, is also good for their children.” – Dr. Moira Mikolakczak ⁠

Feeling excessively burnt out, depressed or hopeless? Please talk to your primary doctor or visit our Wellness or Mental Health pages for a list of local resources and providers that can help.

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