According to Screen Time and Children from the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) too much screen time may lead to sleep problems, weight problems, mood problems, not enough outdoor time and physical activity, less time spent with family and friends, less opportunities for face-to face communication, and so much more. Not only for our kids, but for adults too.

Does your family have a hard time putting away their devices? Looking for to ways to help your kids have a more balanced relationship with technology? With just a little planning and prep and you can be ready for some screen-free fun with your kids that is sure to build on your relationships and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Check out Macaroni Kids Go Tech-Free! 10 Ideas for Screen-Free Fun With Your Kids for some easy and inexpensive suggestions.

For more on suggested screen times take a look at the AACAP Screen time recommendations by age 

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