For many people the holiday season is an exciting and enjoyable time full of festivities, gatherings and merriment, but for many the holiday season leads to increased stress and can amplify feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, grief and loneliness. The holidays can be difficult for people who find themselves struggling in their personal lives or with a mental illness.

When the Holidays are Hard: 10 Strategies From Someone Who Gets It offers some words of advice and suggestions to take extra care of yourself, from someone who has been there and understands first hand how difficult it can be to navigate the holiday season.

💚Author Kelly Fitzpatrick says, “From someone who has been there — I send you my heart, and ten ways to care for your own.”

Head to our Mental Health page for more ways to take care of yourself and your loved ones, and the resources available to help you navigate the difficult days.

If you are feeling hopeless or are having suicidal thoughts please…

  • reach out to a friend or family member
  • call/text Greater Nashua Mental Health 24/7 Behavioral Health Crisis Support (833) 710-6477  
  • call/text 988 for the 24/7 National Suicide and Crisis Lifeline,