It happens to us all, you’re running through the store to pick up a few things and the requests start, and are often followed by tears and the occasional meltdown. If your child is constantly asking for things while out shopping you are not alone! Even as adults, walking around Target makes most of us want to buy, buy, buy! 

Thankfully most of us have developed some self control, a skill that isn’t fully developed until early adulthood. Our children need help working on this skill! Their ability to self-regulate, resist impulses, and control emotions not only sets them up for success later in life but has been shown to create happier little people who develop an early understanding finances and wants vs. needs. 

Tired of your child whining through your shopping trips? Check out this short but helpful article; When Your Child Always Wants to Buy Something, Here’s a Quick & Simple Fix from Happy You Happy Family.

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