“So much of the work of parenthood is unseen. So much of it is the mental load, the emotional load, the logistical load. Things that nobody notices unless they’re not done. One of my friends calls this “Magic House” where it appears like these things just happen by magic–when in reality, somebody is keeping track and taking care of them. There are SO MANY small details that parents are constantly keeping track of in their minds. The never-ending, revolving mental to-do list. It can be incredibly draining. It can feel like the work you do is unseen and unappreciated.

I see you, friend. I see you doing the mental gymnastics that keep the household afloat and maintain your daily life. Do you feel like a lot of what you contribute to your family goes unseen? What feelings does that bring up for you?” Reposted from Seed and Sew

Parenting is hard work! And a majority of the unseen work is most often managed by mothers. If you are struggling, or feeling frustrated and unseen please reach out for support. Connections while parenting are SO important and help us feel seen, supported and understood.

We see you! We are here for you! Be sure to check out our Parenting pages for up-to-date support services and informational blogs on all things parenting. Can’t find what you’re looking for or what you need? Reach out to us at info@milfordkidsthrive.org

We’re here to support you as you navigate the most important job you’ll ever have <3