Milford Thrives



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Milford Thrives is a nonprofit (501c3) with the mission of collaborating with community partners to build a healthy, resilient, connected community. Milford Thrives initiatives focus on supporting our children, youth, families; strengthening our community; and protecting our environment.

Milford Thrives is committed to building a nurturing community where parents and families feel supported and all children reach their fullest potential.

  • Milford Thrives Welcome Baby program welcomes every newborn to the Milford community and connects parents and families with each other and with local early childhood resources.
  • The Milford Kids Thrive Website and Facebook Page are online resources that provide parents with the latest information on:
    • child development
    • parenting resources
    • family-friendly activities and events
    • and updates from local early childhood community partners.
  • Milford Thrives also facilitates a cross-sector early childhood collaborative, the Milford Kids Thrive Collaborative, which includes leaders from the school district, local family and child-serving organizations, community stakeholders, parents and individuals committed to working together to support the healthy development of Milford’s youngest children (birth to 8) and their families.  The Collaborative also has a Parent Advisory Council.  If you are interested in participating, please contact Milford Thrives.