Whether you’re five or seventy-five, you’re never too old to celebrate International Lego Day. Patented on January 28, 1958 these iconic plastic ‘bricks’ have been a childhood favorite ever since. The name Lego originates from the Danish words “LEg GOdt” which translate to “play well”.

The addition of the toddler friendly Duplo line was launched in 1969 providing more play opportunities for small children still working at increasing their fine-motor skills.

So what can you do to celebrate International Lego Day?!

  • The most obvious answer…PLAY with them! Have fun creating with your kids. The possibilities are endless!
  • Watch the one of the Lego movies: The original family favorite was released in 2014
  • Take a virtual tour of one of the many Legoland parks across the US

If you’re interested, post a photo on social media and tag #LegoDay or #InternationalLegoDay to show off your celebration and your kid’s creations.

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