During times of community or world-wide crisis it’s easy to assume that young children don’t know what’s going on. But one thing’s for sure — children are very sensitive and tuned in to how their parents are feeling and the things they’re talking about.

Children can sense when their parents are really worried, whether they’re watching the news or talking about it with others. Sensing these heightened emotions without understanding what’s going on can be very scary and unsettling.

In times of crisis children become concerned about their own safety as well as the safety of the people they love and that care for them.

So how do you approach the conversation with your child…and help them feel more secure?

** Take a look at Talking With Children About Tragedies & Other News Events from the American Academy of Pediatrics for tips and information at every age.

** For specific suggestions on talking with your children about the violence in Israel and Gaza listen to this 14 min. podcast from NPR (or you can read the transcript) How to talk to kids about the violence in Israel and Gaza

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