Don’t forget that your littlest family members love to “help” with the holiday baking and meal preparation, too. Whether it’s singing Pat-A-Cake or a Christmas carol with you…or simply stirring…they can be helpers in the kitchen and have fun with you, too.

Here are some additional tips for enjoying cooking with your little ones and getting into the season:

  • Prepare before hand, pre-measure things and set aside so your little ones can help “add” the ingredients
  • Have them be the last “stirrer” or “sprinkler”
  • Set up a parallel mixing bowl for them with oats, or beans, and of course their own measuring cup and stirrer
  • Narrate each step of the process with them — telling them the story of the gingerbread cookie, or the soup…
  • Share stories with them about when you were little and baked with your mom, grandparent or special friend.

No matter how long they join you, or the “little” bit of mess they make, enjoy! And Happy Holidays!

🎅🏻 🎄

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