Gateways Community Services

Developmental Screening or Early Supports


Phone: 603-459-2775

Partners in Health


Phone: 603-566-7445



Gateways Community Services is the agency to call if you have questions about your young child’s development (Birth to 3 years).  They provide developmental screening and also, if your child qualifies, early supports and services. Gateways also provides programs and services for individuals with developmental disabilities (ages 3 & up).

Main Services

  • Developmental screening (no referral necessary — parents can call directly)
  • Early supports and services (Early Intervention). We work with families within the child’s home and routine to improve developmental outcomes.  Family-Centered Early Supports and Services (Birth to 3 years) are therapeutic services for children with developmental delays or established conditions that may result in developmental delay.
  • Partners in Health free supports and services are available to Milford and Greater Nashua children who experience chronic health conditions and their families. Contact: Gloria at 603-566-7445 or
  • Gateways also has family support services and some respite services available.
  • Gateways also has an Autism Center which is a program based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) that provides a combination of center and home-based programming as well as social skills for individuals with autism. Call 603-484-4135 for more information.