One of the most important lessons we can help our children learn is in teaching them to be flexible. Flexibility is the ability to adapt to new situations, be inventive, and use multiple strategies to overcome difficulties. In life, plans are constantly changing and we’re thrown curveballs all the time. The people who are able to ride life’s waves with calmness and an open mind tend to be much happier.

Being a flexible thinker aids a child’s learning because it helps them become creative problem solvers. They are more apt to look for “out of the box” solutions amidst difficult situations. Flexible thinking enables them to view both big and small challenges not just as frustrations, but as opportunities to learn and grow.

For more on encouraging flexible thinking, and 4 easy tips to practice these skills at home, take a look at Helping Kids With Flexible Thinking

Also consider watching this short video together from Sesame Street ‘A Park Problem’ that highlights flexible thinking when a family encounters a problem during a trip to the park. See if your child can tell you what happened and how they solved the problem.

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