End 68 Hours of Hunger is a public not-for-profit effort to confront the approximately 68 hours of hunger that some school children experience between the free lunch they receive at school on Friday afternoon and the free breakfast they receive at school on Monday morning.

This program puts nourishing food in the hands of school children to carry them through the weekend. The Milford Chapter is an all volunteer group that started in 2015 and relies on public donations in which 100% of it goes to Grades K-8 students in need identified by our social workers. We are thankful to those who have been sharing their blessings in small and big ways and wish you have seen the looks of the children’s faces every time they receive their bags. Thank you for making this program happen.

The Milford chapter purchases food that is redistributed into bags for the children to take home. Each bag weighs about 6 pounds and costs about $15. Approximately 84 bags are being distributed each week.

Their funding is 100% donation based…they receive no support from the state or Federal Government.

** If you are interested in helping fund this important community program head to the Milford, NH End 68 Hours of Hunger page and click on the orange ‘Donate to this Community’ tab **

If your child, or a child you know, would benefit from this program please reach out to their school counselor.