Starting solids is an exciting and important milestone in your baby’s development; one that exposes them to a brand new world of flavors and textures, and will also put them on the right path to growing healthy and strong. Most babies are ready to start with more solid food between 4-6 months (when their strong tongue-thrust reflex that pushes food back out starts to disappear)

Take a look at this article from Parents Magazine: Baby’s First Foods: How to Introduce Solids It’s full of some great tips on when and how to introduce solid foods, suggested first foods (as well as a list of foods to avoid) and some nice suggestions for managing mealtime to make it a less stressful, and much more enjoyable experience for you and your baby.

For more on healthy eating tips check out this previous post on our Wellness page ,Healthy Mealtimes; Feeding Your Baby and Toddler Right from the Start

If you are in need of further information and support when you begin feeding your baby solid food please reach out to our partners at Nutrition Connections – UNH Extension

As always, if you have concerns about your child’s development or their readiness for solid foods please reach out to their pediatrician.