In 2021, New Hampshire’s Child Advocacy Centers provided services to over 2000 NH children and their families, conducted over 1500 forensic interviews, and provided families with over 2000 referrals for behavioral health and specialized medical services to help children who have experienced abuse HEAL, SURVIVE, and THRIVE!!

Prevention is key to ending the cycle of child abuse! Prevention means helping families identify and build on their strengths, like effective communication, a strong support network, and having the ability to bounce back from tough situations. We as a community can work together to support young families and provide opportunities for connection, support and education.

Take a look at NH Children’s Trust’s web article I Am Prevention for information on simple ways you can get involved and help prevent child abuse in your circle, neighborhood and community.

KNOW & TELL is a another public responsibility movement. Their mission is to educate ALL ADULTS to KNOW the signs of abuse and TELL responsible authorities when they recognize them. For more information on this program click HERE

Here NHPR speaks to the NH Child Advocate’s Annual Report from 2023.

To Report Suspected Abuse Call DCYF at (800) 894-5533