Social-Emotional learning, often referred to as SEL, is the process of learning, and then being able to apply, the skills to manage emotions, be self-aware and show empathy for others.

SEL is an important skill for children to develop as it helps them maintain positive relationships, builds their emotional intelligence, and decision-making skills. We are all born with many intense emotions, but we aren’t born with the skills to express and respond to them. This is why SEL at home is SO important!

Take a look at this article from EdSurge, 10 Ways Parents Can Bring Social-Emotional Learning Home. It was written at the beginning of the pandemic when SEL became such a hot-button topic, but the information and tips still ring true today. And the need for strong SEL practice at home is greater than ever as our kids navigate the unsettled and unpredictable world we are in. The tips are simple to focus on and implement at home.

For more on helping your children become emotionally strong, self-aware individuals visit our Parenting and Wellness pages.

If you have concerns about your child’s social emotional learning skills and ability to manage their emotions please reach out to their pediatrician.